Child-Friendly Libraries Establishment

This is our core program. We establish child-friendly libraries through partnerships with the local schools in Eastern Indonesia. We believe that by cultivating a love for reading will help broaden the children’s knowledge and fondness for learning. As is the case of our existing libraries, children who became active readers are showing progress in the their cognitive skills.

Capacity Building Workshops for Teachers and Local Volunteers

Teachers are the back-bone of our programs’ success. We believe, empowered teachers will empower their students, too. Our workshops equip the local teachers with the knowledge and skills needed to manage a child-friendly library in their respective school and nurture children’s habit of reading.

The workshops consist of library management and different types of reading programs.

(Bebas Buta Huruf) Basic Literacy Course

This program aims to reduce the illiteracy rate in Eastern Indonesia. Our interventions include training for teachers on Basic Literacy Teaching methods, intensive support and monitoring, and research on children’s reading skills.

We also provide detailed lesson plans for teachers to be used during the “Bahasa Indonesia” lesson in their classes every day. Students’ reading skills are measured prior, during, and after the program.

Parents Engagement Program

The program consists of a series of workshops for parents of the 1st and 2nd grade students. The objective of this program is to involve parents in nurturing children’s interest in reading and creating a reading culture at home.

Parents who participate at the workshops will be given children’s books for them to bring home.

Each class has a bookshelf with 200 children’s story books.


Classroom Libraries

This is a new program at Taman Bacaan Pelangi. We set up a “Book Corner” in every classroom in the primary schools that do not have library buildings.

Each class has a bookshelf with 200 children’s story books.

Reading Activities

In each of our library, reading activities are regularly conducted. Each class has reading activities weekly at the library, lead by the classroom’s teacher.

through reading activities, children will slowly grow the love of reading. They will be curious of the books provided in the library and will enjoy reading them individually or together with their friends.


We advocate to the Head of Education Department in each district where we work on “Reading Time/Library Period” to be embedded into the schools’ curriculum and a dedicated librarian to be hired by each school and paid by the government or each of the respective school.

This is an important aspect of the sustainability of our program.

Community Empowerment

Throughout 2019, we are committed to conduct sharing sessions for social activists who focus their efforts in improving literacy in Indonesia. We believe, our 10 year experience in establishing libraries in Eastern Indonesia might be useful to be shared to others. We can share our lessons learned, challenges, and some useful tips on how to create a sustainable library in the community.

Book-drive and Fundraising Campaigns

Working together with external stakeholders, from private sector, communities, to international NGO, we hold various fundraising campaigns. The fund collected from the campaigns will be used to establish new libraries, buy books, etc.

Reading, Writing, and Storytelling Competitions

We always encourage children to read, write, and tell their story. This competition is one of the ways to do that.We always encourage children to read, write, and tell their story. This competition is one of the ways to do that. Often, we see some future shining stars!

Partnership with External Parties

We are always welcome for any partnership and/or collaboration with external parties, from private sector, local communities, to international NGOs. However, we will not partner with any political party or any parties for political purposes.