Millions of children in Eastern Indonesia do not have access to quality books


Let's change that

Taman Bacaan Pelangi

(Rainbow Reading Gardens)

We are a non-profit organisation working to establish children’s libraries
in remote areas of Eastern Indonesia since 2009.


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Our Libraries

Check out all the children’s libraries that Taman Bacaan Pelangi [Rainbow Reading Gardens] has stablished in remote areas of Eastern Indonesia.


Our Programs


Establish Children Libraries

We establish child-friendly libraries in remote areas of Eastern Indonesia. We work together with the local schools and transform their library into a child friendly learning environment that will foster the love of reading in each of the student.


Capacity Building Workshops

We provide a series of capacity building workshops for the local teachers that enable them to have the skills and knowledge needed in nurturing the habit of reading on their students and promoting literacy in their village.


Basic Literacy Course

In each of our library, reading activities are regularly conducted. Each class has reading activities weekly at the library, lead by the classroom’s teacher. Through reading activities, children will slowly grow the love of reading.

Optimazing Child Friendly Libraries through Literacy Innovation

SD Inpres Wudu had had a library in their school before Taman Bacaan Pelangi (TBP) made a partnership with their school. However, due to the scarcity of book choices available, students seemed to rarely visit the building. Thus, it was deemed as a fresh breath when...

Teacher Webinar – Collaboration between CAKAP and Rainbow Reading Gardens

In collaboration with Rainbow Reading Gardens, CAKAP has provided an English course not only for our staff and Girls’ Scholarship awardees but also the teachers from our school partners. These teachers were learning about General English and teaching strategies on how...

The Excitement of Diving into Stories through Reading Aloud with Mrs Indri

The sunlight seeped through the window’s gaps of Boawae school’s library while Mrs Indriati Julita Bunga, the third-grade homeroom teacher, was conducting a reading aloud activity. The room’s atmosphere was really lit up, and students were extremely excited as can be...

Reading Aloud: One Solution to Improve Students’ Comprehension

One interesting commonality from our school partners is students finding it quite difficult to comprehend a story from a book. So, what is the solution? Mr Franci, a grade 6 teacher from Nebe school, along with his 22 students have been doing reading aloud activity in...

Hard Work to Build a Medium for Creativity

After three months of the school’s child-friendly library opening at Bokogo Catholic School, the library had got hundreds of story books and held many reading activities from reading aloud to independent reading conducted by the teachers. It did not stop at school,...

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