Enthusiasm student come to help to bring the library’s items of furniture

In the last two weeks, the weather in Ende hasn’t been so friendly, it was always raining and windy. On Monday, the Principal of the SDK Kekawii together with the teachers and librarian hoped that on Tuesday, December 4, 2018, Ende’s sky would be bright, even for a moment as Tuesday is a special day for SDK Kekawii, Randotonda Village, Kab. Ende.

Earlier in October 2018, Rainbow Reading Gardens started the collaboration with MNC Peduli to establish a child-friendly library in Kab. Ende by the school selection process. The enthusiasm of teachers and students, availability of librarian and most importantly, availability of  building/room for the library was searched for.

As the criteria are met, SDK Kekawii was finally selected for this program. Furniture, consisting of 4 small tables for reading, 2 double-sided shelves, 2 single-sided shelves, 1 set of tables and librarian chairs have been ordered. Room renovation was also done by all teachers, principals, with the help of parents.


Library Management and Library Period Workshop on SD Katholik Kekawii, day 1.

Rainbow Reading Gardens also conduct training on Library Management and Library Period for principal, teachers and school committees. There were 12 participants attending the workshop on 20-22 November 2018 at the newly-renovated library of SD Katholik Kekawii. The participants were very excited during the training. Despite the heavy rain on the last day, they showed similar amount of excitement throughout the workshop.

Library Management and Library Period Workshop on SD Katholik Kekawii, day 2.
Library Management and Library Period Workshop on SD Katholik Kekawii, day 3.










After the workshop until December 3, 2018, it was always raining in the area around SD Katholik Kekawii. However, this did not lessen the enthusiasm of the teachers and students in preparing for the inauguration of the SD Katholik Kekawii library.

Jessica H. Tanoesoedibjo with the Head of SDK Kekawii, Program Manager Rainbow Reading Gardens, Committee, etc.

Finally, on December 4, 2018, the child-friendly library at SDK Kekawii supported by MNC Peduli was inaugurated by Ketua III of MNC Peduli herself, Jessica H. Tanoesoedibjo and Program Manager of Rainbow Reading Gardens, Armand Wirjawan. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Department of Education Ende Regency, Principal of the Nuabosi neighborhood, Village Head in the Nuabosi neighborhood, Randotonda Village Head, Elders of Randotonda Village, Community Leaders and religious leaders around Nuabosi, and parents of SD Katholik Kekawii.

Not only students, teachers and the principal also performed traditional dances. The principal and teachers nailed a choir performance in Ende language. This performance was applauded by the guests because it showed the strong collaboration among the principal and teacher councils, especially in singing!

After a promising performance by the principal and teachers of SD Katholik Kekawii, ribbon-cutting by Ketua III of MNC Peduli, Jessica H. Tanoesoedibjo and Program Manager of Rainbow Reading Garndens, Armand Wirjawan, marked the inauguration of the library. Jessica began to open the library door and was greeted by the Religious Leaders who were waiting inside the library. The Father waiting in the library led a prayer of blessing so that the library is always blessed and that anyone who enters and exits the library is blessed with new useful knowledge.

After the blessing by the Father, Jessica H. Tanoesoedibjo invited the SD Katholik Kekawii students to come together and look at the collection inside the new library. Even Jessica also invited students to read stories from a book and imitated the sounds and movements in the book!

It was so fun!!!

Thank you Jessica H. Tanoesoedibjo and MNC Peduli program for bringing the reading-enjoyment and always supporting the Eastern Indonesia Children to develop a habit of reading. ;D