After finishing teachers training in Pammulukang Elementary School (SDN Pammulukang) for using digital books in reading activity last February, Taman Bacaan Pelangi just conducted a similar training in SDN Sejati on 08th -09th March 2024. During the activities, all teachers learnt both theoretical and practical about digital books from literacy cloud, a platform to access digital books. To optimize the utilization of digital books, there are some steps to be learnt by all teachers in this training.

Teachers in SDN Sejati created an account on literacy cloud to access digital books

First, all participants mada an account in Taman Bacaan Pelangi’s staff accompanied them during the registration process. Most of teachers in SDN Sejati are capable of operating electronic devices such as handphone and laptop, so it helps a lot for running the activity well. Second, exploring all features in This step quite challenging due to the network problems in Sejati Village. Moreover, the wheatear was not clear enough at the time that specifically made the connection was unstable. Fortunately, the website can be opened slowly in the low connection mode. Besides, TBP’s staff has provided a video tutorial about make a platform account and exploring literacy cloud features as an anticipation if any unexpected event happened.

Ibu Ria, Teacher of SDN Sejati, was reading a digital book with her students from grade three

In this activity, we introduce teachers how to access digital books, reading video, and how to save and download them. Also, In the first day of training, we do a small group simulation for reading activities to each teacher. Teachers prepared a Read Aloud or Shared Reading simulation in library for the next day. Those simulation aim to give experience to teachers for reading digital books directly with their students. In second day of training, teachers have chance to implement the learnt reading steps to students in different grade. In this term, we involve students in grade 1, 2 and 5. During the simulation, student seems focus to read loudly and happy to see the book in the different form, has transformed into a big screen.

Ibu Mardiah as a principal of SDN Sejati said, she thankful to Givaudan Foundation & Taman Bacaan Pelangi for supporting them, teachers and student in Sejati, for optimizing the learning experience in school especially in growing students reading habit. “This platform will diverse the reading activities in our school” she added. She also has planned to introduce this platform to all parents in the next parental meeting. Bapak Usman as a new teacher in SDN Sejati said, “this is my first experience to read a digital book to my student and it helps me a lot to make student focus on screen, moreover the pages transition seems like reality. We just need one click, then the page moves.”

Supporting school patner by providing an electronic device for implementing digital literacy in the library


In addition, as the part of digital library program, Taman Bacaan Pelangi and Givaudan Foundation also provide a laptop for school, a device to run library digitally and access digital books for Read Aloud & Shared-Reading activities. By Digital Library Program, we do hope all teachers hand in hand to optimize the reading activity for their student, so no one left behind.