Taman Bacaan Pelangi (Rainbow Reading Gardens) finally opened in Roe Village, West Flores, Indonesia last Saturday, 5 December 2009! Woohooooo!!!

The rain didn’t stop the kids to make their way heading to the pink house, where the Rainbow Reading Gardens is located. They walked with their umbrellas on their hands, rushing to the location, didn’t want to be late as they were informed that the Reading Garden would start at 2pm. None of them was late. I was very impressed.

Rainbow Reading Gardens in Roe Village has 220 children books, consisting of comics, science comics, disney encyclopedia for children, Indonesian folktales, themed books for children – series about predators, etc, story books for children – Cinderella, Snow White, Barbie series, etc. Some of the collections are my long time favorite, such as: Tintin, Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooch. Also Doraemon, Monika and Friends and many many more! Seeing all these books, the kids “attacked” the bookshelf in less than a minute after I finished unpacking those books from my suitcase!


Since it was raining outside, we couldn’t sit in the garden or under the trees at the corner of the yard. The kids gathered at a terrace of the pink house, sat on the floor, with books on their hands. Interestingly, they all read the books with a loud voice. So, forget about being in a library where everyone reads quietly. If you join us in Rainbow Reading Garden here, you’ll be surrounded by kids reading each sentence from each book loud and sound! It felt like I was surrounded by a group of bees… hehehe… interesting!

Every kid had to report which book they want to read and report again when they finish. They have to return it to the bookshelf. Two girls helped me writing down the names and the books.
When it’s all done, these girls started to read the books they have chosen: books about Princesses! I learned that most of the girls here love this type of book. Name it: Cinderella, Princess & the Frog Prince, etc. So girlie! ^-^