SD Negeri Mauwaru, located in Mauponggo District, Nagekeo Regency, NTT, has been a school partner for the child-friendly library project since June 2023. For approximately one year, Taman Bacaan Pelangi team has provided regular supports, starting from room preparation and library management training, to the inauguration, making the child-friendly library accessible for students and teachers.

Taman Bacaan Pelangi team with SDN Mauwaru’s principal and teachers inside the library

“Our library is now neat, books are well-organized, and teachers and students regularly engage in reading activities in the library,” said Mrs Nur Ayni H. Ali Ebas, Head of SD Negeri Mauwaru.

The collaboration between Taman Bacaan Pelangi team, local government, and the school has successfully created a safe and comfortable space for enjoyable reading activities in the library.

SDN Mauwaru’s principal with the students were expressing their enthusiasm for literacy

“Thank you to Taman Bacaan Pelangi and the local government for supporting us in creating this child-friendly library,” said Mama Nur Ayni H. Ali Ebas, Head of SD Negeri Mauwaru.

The presence of this library certainly brings many benefits to the school and the development of children’s reading habits, which is evident from the number of book checkouts made by students each month at SD Negeri Mauwaru.

According to data from the librarian of SD Negeri Mauwaru, up until May 2024, there were 1660 book loans made by students.

SDN Mauwaru’s principal and teachers, the head of school committee, and TBP team after the MoU signing

The benefits of this library have encouraged SD Negeri Mauwaru to continue efforts to improve students’ reading habits through the child-friendly library by signing the sustainability MoU.

The involvement of all school actors, the continuation of library activities, and the plan to purchase books in 2025 for the library are among SD Negeri Mauwaru’s plans outlined in the sustainability MoU.