Rainbow Reading Gardens (Taman Bacaan Pelangi) is celebrating our fifth year birthday in December 2014. Until now, we have established 29 children’s libraries in 14 islands throughout eastern Indonesia, from Flores, Lombok, Sumbawa, Alor, Halmahera, Sulawesi, Timor, Banda Neira, to Papua.


There is no way that we could have accomplished this without the kindness and amazing support from the library supervisors, other volunteers, donors, and all of you guys. Thank you so much!


Our step, of course,does not stop here. We will continue our efforts and establish more children library in eastern Indonesia, to provide children with access to children story booksand nurture their interest in reading.


And we are not alone in celebrating our birthday. Various partners and friends too celebrate this birthday month by offering numerous special products or programsthrough their own ventures.


A percentage of revenues obtained from these special offers will be donated to the children in eastern Indonesia through Rainbow Reading Gardens.


Some create special products, such as @kuekuejakarta with its special rainbow macaron and @LibericaCoffee with its christmas cookie. Some donated part of their revenues, such as @growboxbdg, @milsaltria, Rumah Que Que, @batikloetjoe and Ninochka. Others donated some funds, such as Holycow Steak House

Aren’t they are generous?


In addition to making purchase in our friends’ outlets, you can also contribute by joining fun activities held at Kutakatik Art & Craft Class and a special yin yoga class that is held by With-Yin Yoga & Kalyana Yoga


Followings are our friends who contribute and colour our fifth year birthday:

1. Kue Kue Dessert Restaurant or @kuekuejakarta – 20% of the revenues from sales of Rainbow Macaron will be donated to Rainbow Reading Gardens.


2. Palalada dan Waroeng Kopi at Alun Alun Indonesia – A special offer throughout December 2014


3. @LibericaCoffee – Revenues from the Christmas Cookiesthroughout December will be donated to Rainbow Reading Gardens


4. Kutakatik Art & Craft Class atau @_kutakatik_ – by joining the ‘Holiday Program’ classes, 20% of the revenues will be donated to Rainbow Reading Gardens


5. Growbox atau @growboxbdg – Rp 3000,- will donate Rp 3000,- for each box of growbox


6. Milsagroup atau @milsaltria – 10% of the revenues during December will be donated to Rainbow Reading Gardens


7. Rumah Que Que -will donate Rp 500,- for each piece of kue ketan


8. Ninochka Frozen Yogurt – 10% of the revenues in December will be donated to Rainbow Reading Gardens


9. Batik Loetjoe atau @batikloetjoe –  by shopping clothes from the studio or its online shop, 20% of the price of each clothes will be donated to Rainbow Reading Gardens.


10. With-Yin Yoga dan Kalyana Yoga –  by joining a special yoga class (by donation) with Sebastian Pucelle at Kalyana Yoga Studio (Jl. Wolter Monginsidi no 112D, 3rd floor), on December 22nd, 7-9pm. All funds collected for the class will be donated to Rainbow Reading Gardens.


How fun is that! So, by making some purchase or joining some of the classesmentioned above, you would also be helping the children in eastern Indonesia


Let’s increase the interest in reading of the children in eastern Indonesia.

Now we can all be involved