Breaking news from Flores!

Rainbow Reading Gardens library is growing and one more library is to be established at West Manggarai Regency, at SDN Rangga Watu, Mbeliling. As part of the preparation for a child-friendly library, principal and teachers are trained on the library management and library period.

In addition to librarian, principal and teachers also play roles and hold responsibilities for the library. Therefore, all of them have equal opportunity to participate in the training conducted at SDN Rangga Watu on May 4 to 6 2017.

Warming Up Before Session

On Thursday, May 4, 2017, teachers enthusiastically started the first day of the training. In the middle of the preparation for the national examination of students from grade 6, teachers were willing to be present in this training.

Sitting in Groups

On the first day of the training, we discussed the roles of many parties at the library, namely librarian, principal, teachers, as well as students. Participants also took part in discussing the habit of reading, a basic concept for the establishment of a child-friendly library.

Expressing Opinion

The excitement was getting real as the participants were invited to create print-rich materials. During this session, some participants acted as grade 1 students, and some others acted as students from grade 5 and 6.

Putting on Print-Rich Materials

The second day of the workshop mostly talked about reading activities to be conducted at the library during library periods. When demonstrating reading aloud, shared reading, paired reading and independent reading, participants also acted as students. It turns out teachers at SDN Rangga Watu are good actors, they acted so well as students. 😀

Acting as Students
Demonstrating Shared Reading

The third day of the training is the opportunity for teachers to demonstrate reading aloud and shared reading before the students. They were divided into two big groups. Students from grade 3 and 4, who have the teachers read them books, seemed to enjoy the stories.

Shared Reading with Students from Grade 3

After the reading activity, participants shared that reading with expression in front of their fellow teachers is not similar to reading in front of the kids. They feel more relaxed to read in front of their kids. They believe that once they have done the reading activities for multiple times, they will get used to reading with numerous expression, more than the expression they showed on that day.

I smiled ear to ear hearing this comment. I can see their willingness to show their best during reading activities.

Group Photo

Thank you for participating in this three-day workshop. We also thank all the teachers and the principal of SDN Rangga Watu for sparing some time among their busy days in preparation for the exams. The students at SDN Rangga Watu should be proud of the teachers as they show exceptional spirit and determination to develop the habit of reading by the presence of library at this school.

We hope the information shared in this workshop be useful for all of us! 😀