Taman Bacaan Pelangi is on Vidi Aldiano‘s “Definisi Bahagia” video clip! Whoaaaa!!
Check it out, guys!

We can’t stop smiling watching this video. Our tears drop seeing the facial expressions of the kids. The sparks in their eyes, the happy laughters on their cute faces, ahhhh.. everything in this video is wonderful!!

Vidi Aldiano specifically made this video as part of the “Puyo & Vidi Peduli Anak Indonesia” fundraising campaign to support Taman Bacaan Pelangi. So sweet of him, isn’t it ? Thank you so much, Vidi! And thank you so much, Puyo!

The making of this video clip was so much fun, too. Vidi Aldiano, the singer himself, came with the Co-Founders of Puyo Dessert: Eugenie Patricia and Adrian Agus. I also joined. Plus, Candi Soeleman, the director of this video clip, and Elizabeth, part of Puyo’s team. We arrived in Taman Bacaan Pelangi SDI Kondas, Flores, after a two hours drive on a bumpy road. Vidi, Candi, and Adrian couldn’t stop admiring the landscape on the way to Kondas. “It’s sooo beautiful!”, they said.

Vidi Aldiano, Eugenie, Patricia, Adrian Agus, dan Nila Tanzil bersama anak-anak di Taman Bacaan Pelangi SDI Kondas, Flores

Once we arrived in SDI Kondas, we were greeted by Pak Alo, the School Principal, the teachers, and the kids!
We rushed to the Taman Bacaan Pelangi library and started our activity of the day. What I loved most from this visit was to see the sparks in the kids’ eyes when Vidi started to sing! There were a sense of pride, amused, excited, loved, surprised, enjoyment, and many more. I got emotional seeing their facial expressions. Really. The kids were moved by Vidi’s beautiful voice. They stared at Vidi in awe as if they couldn’t believe to hear and to see the singer himself singing in front of them. It was such a privilege to witness this. I tried so hard not to cry!

Eugenie, Adrian, Vidi, and Candi shared their life stories in turn. Each of them talked about their profession as well as read some children’s books to the kids. The kids were so happy that day.

Adrian Agus & Eugenie Patricia read aloud at Taman Bacaan Pelangi library

Thank you, Vidi, Eugenie, Adrian, and Mas Candi for such a sweet and nice visit! We hope all of you visit some of our other libraries in Eastern Indonesia, inspire the kids to dare to dream big, just like you!!

Enjoy this lovely video clip, guys! 🙂

Much Love,
Nila Tanzil