Ende is a place of cultural diversity and this city well known as the heart of tolerance. On the way we develop a child-friendly library, we often meet principal and passionate teachers. But sometimes it is not enough to ensure its sustainability, sometimes we also want to see happy and spirit of children and school community.

When the library responsibility is shared and distributed equally it will be benefical. So, the more involved community in library development, it will be better for the sustainability of this child-friendly library.

Since October, the school has started renovating. This renovation certainly begins with moving some items that have placed in the library for painting purposes. Some schools only have books and shelves in the library.

Alumna of SD Paupanda 2 repaint the walls into interesting cartoon

Repainting process in SDK 8 Ende

But sometimes some libraries have too many items, such as table-tennis, water shelters, stoves, teachers’ tables, balls and some other items. This of course makes the library more like a warehouse than a decent reading place for a child.

Well, once the items are removed from the library, it is time for the school to renovate and prepare the room for their new ‘look’ library. It is to repaint. In the process of painting, the school community can design the library according to their wishes. And of course the school is happy and wants to paint their library into a colorful library. They all try to make the library as colorful as possible. It is as interesting as possible to make the students feel at home in the library.

This painting process is sometimes ussually done by parents, alumni of the school, community, or teacher.

And teachers look very happy when this colorful library has begun to look …

Principal and students of SDN 1 Ende

Even the students are happy with these colorful paints although the library is still empty as they await the arrival of books and bookshelves.

Students of SDK 8 Ende

Students from SDN 1 Ende

Colorful color paint is expected to be able to spread the spirits of our children/students in Ende so they will be enthusiastic for a new home for developing their habit of reading.

Adhimas Wijaya
Jakarta December 7, 2017