One of the things that is emphasized in the Rainbow Reading Gardens library development program is the need for cooperation from all parties in making the library run effectively. This close cooperation need not be doubted at Nangapanda 2 Elementary School.

Since Rainbow Reading Gardens arrived at the school for the first time, there was already a very strong cohesiveness between the principal, teachers, and even the students. This is why SDI Nangapada 2 was chosen to be one of the Rainbow Reading Gardens partner schools in Ende.

Sorting the books was no problem. When around 1,100 books arrived, even Mrs. Siti Hajar, the librarian, had said that sorting the books felt like a minor task because all the teachers helped to level the books and write them down in the library log book.

When the time came to inaugurate the library, that cohesiveness became even more apparent. Even though the inauguration was conducted on the 5thof September 2018, the tent for the event, the event tent if you will, had been erected since the 1stof September. The parents and students worked very hard and very long on the tent

Head of Ende DoL, Mr. Martin Satban, Ms. Eva Muchtar from Rainbow Reading Gardens, and Secretary of Ende DoE, Sara Donatus

The inauguration ceremony on 5 September 2018 was attended by the Secretary of the DoE, Ende, Mr. Sara Donatus, Head of the Library and Archives Office Kab. Ende, Mr. Martin Satban, as well as representatives from Nangapanda Sub-District Head, Kab. Ende. The invited guests were greeted lively by the dancers led by Mrs. Magdalena, a teacher at Nangapanda 2 Elementary School.

The chairs provided by the school were filled by the parents who wished to attend the event at SDI Nangapanda 2.

Siswa Kelas 2 Membacakan Puisi
Choir of SDI Nangapanda 2

The inauguration was full of performances by the students and speeches from the guests emphasizing the importance of library and collaboration among stakeholders at school.


Sekretaris Dinas Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Kab. Ende, Bp. Sara Donatus Memberikan Sambutan
Kepala Dinas Perpustakaan dan Kearsipan Kab. Ende, Bp. Martin Satban Memberikan Sambutan
Kepala SDI Nangapanda 2, Bp. Baltazar Gasim Memberikan Sambutan

The cutting of the library tape is a sign that the 138 students of SDI Nangapanda 2 can begin to enjoy the library in all its glory, which is the result of joint hard work between the principal, teachers, librarians, and even parents.

Berfoto Bersama di Dalam Perpustakaan
Membaca Buku di Perpustakaan Pertama Kali

The inauguration program was closed with a Gawi dance, which was attended by all attendees. Principals, teacher, parents of students joined hands and danced together to close the celebration of the day.

Tari Gawi sebagai Penutup Acara Peresmian Perpustakaan SDI Nangapanda 2