SDI Metinumba 1 of Ende Island sub-district has always been a smooth sailing right from the start. The principle, Bapak Ibrahim is a highly initiative man whom upon hearing of Taman Bacaan Pelangi arrival in the island for school assessment went straight ahead to find me so he could hear more about the child friendly library program. I hadn’t even needed to introduce myself, he was all game right then and there. I sensed the same vibe coming from the faculty of 10 teachers during our 2nd meeting and even more from the parents on our 3rd visit at the school. Need we more reasons to consider them? We hardly think so.

That’s how they became the 97th of our library partners & we made it an official number on September 12th 2018. That sunny morning, our team of Nila Tanzil, Ingkan Nasution, Armand W. & us the coordinators took a boat ride along with Ibu Mas Djuwita and her 3 other team members from Ende’s Department of Library to officiate 3 child-friendly libraries in the island. SDI Metinumba was  one of our 1st stops. The other one was SDI Metinumba 2, that was also getting their library officiated in the morning by Ingkan Nasution & Armand W. who would split with us who were going in SDI Metinumba 1’s celebration.

The lively butterfly dance performed by the students of SDi Metinumba 1 to greet our arrival at their school.
Student, parents, faculty team, Ibu Mas Djuwita of Ende’s Department of Library, Ndoriwori village officials and Head of Ende Island sub-district -Usma Husein all sat shoulder to shoulder enjoying the entertainment delivered by students of SDI Metinumba 1.
Nila Tanzil handing out the library banner to Bapak Ibrahim, the principal. It’s official! The 97th child-friendly library is now opened and running in SDI Metinumba 1.

Lively colorful celebration it was. Everyone in Ndoriwori village, where the school is at was all dressed up with a smile on their faces as we arrived. Head of Ende Island sub-district – Usman Husein, Head of the village-Rasyid Kuri and Head of the School Committee – Muh.Perera were among the parents & the teachers welcoming us. The speech made by the principal ended with a spirited yell-yell from the students who were surprisingly well behaved without so much of supervision from their peers. They sat patiently by the school terrace following the whole inauguration process and enjoyed the dances performed by their fellow student friends in calm manner.

As it turned out, the children were all well behaved so as not to spoil their chances of entering the library after it had been inaugurated. They all did a great job at that so they all earned their chances to enjoy the library and all the books it provided. Regardless of how they behaved we would still welcome them in, it is the child-friendly library after all. They took their turns, picked up a book, chose a corner and sat to read their books noiselessly. This great crowd was matched outside with the parents & guests cheerfully dancing under the tent. All & all, SDI Metinumba 1 had provided us a great celebration and they did so with flying colors.

“We’re so excited to read the story books but ok, just one more picture before the adults lost us among these pages and pages of stories.”
Wide smile, big circle of Gawi and a lovely ikat shawl to celebrate 97th library opening.