On the morning of the 12thof September 2018, at 08:00 WITA, the Rainbow Reading Garden team converged at the old Paupanda fish market dock along with representatives from the Department of Libraries. We will go to Ende Island, about 1 hour from Ende City on a boat. In the morning, two libraries will be inaugurated simultaneously, namely SDI Metinumba 1 and SDI Metinumba 2. Once at the Ende Island pier, the Rainbow Reading Gardens team and representatives of the DoL are divided into two teams: one of the teams went to SDI Metinumba 2, and the rest went of SDI Metinumba 1.


Banner Handover from Rainbow Reading Gardens to SD Inpres Metinumba 2.

At SDI Metinumba 2, the inauguration was accompanied by traditional music and dancing. Unlike other inaugurations, the dances here were done by the mothers of the students. The dancers led the guests to their seats. The guests were the village head of the local village, Redodori, as well as the Ende Island representative of the Department of Education. Parents of the SDI Metinumba 2 students also attended.


Students Cannot Wait to Enter the Library, They Take Off their Shoes as The Library Rules Say

After a series of welcoming events, the inauguration ceremony continued with the handover of the library banner from Rainbow Reading Gardens to the school’s headmaster, and a ribbon cutting ceremony. This signified that child-friendly library at SDI Metinumba 2 is officially open. The excitement of the invited guests and students was palpable as they entered the library room. In fact, the attending junior and high school principals on Ende Island also decided that they wanted the same thing in their schools. Hopefully someday it can be realized too!

Students of SD Inpres Metinumba 2 Read Books Immediately

When it is the turn of students entering the library, the students were beside themselves with excitement. Mrs. Novi, the librarian of SDI Metinumba 2, said that since arranging the books the previous week, the students could not wait to read the new story books in their school immediately!

Parents Taking A Look at Books in the Library
Rainbow Reading Gardens Team with the Principal, Teachers, and Librarian ofSD Inpres Metinumba 2, as well as Redodori Village Chief and Representative of Ende Island Sub-District level for Ende DoE