“Who likes having a new library?”, asked the Head of Basic Education Sector of East Sumba Regency, Mr. Dominggus began his remarks.

All the children raised their hands while shouting “Me…”. The parents and teachers did not miss raising their hands too, then continued with loud applause.

The heat of the city of Waingapu did not discourage the excitement of all the invited guests. Moreover, the event was lively with the children performance, such as dancing, singing, playing musical instruments to poetry. A week before the event, these children had prepared themselves, practiced with the teachers after school. Wow, Salute!

Not only teachers and students who eager to prepare the inauguration of the library, the parents also take part in working together, starting from build up a tent a day before the event and also cooking in the kitchen.

This is a piece of story from the inauguration of the third Taman Bacaan Pelangi library on Sumba Island, precisely at Kahaungu Eti Catholic Elementary School. This library is sponsored by Turkuaz, a typical Turkish restaurant located in Jakarta. Sezai Zorlu, the owner of Turkuaz, and his son also joined in library opening. They sang and swayed with the children and guests for hours after the event finished.

Welcoming ceremony

“Hopefully, this library can be used as well as possible and give the great benefits for children. The children have the eagerness to read more books, so that their knowledge will be more extensive, “Sezai ordered in his speech.

Well, if you visit in East Sumba, you can also visit our library there. See you!