Allow me to introduce myself. My name is SDI Rata Library Building. You can call me Gedu, hahaha just kidding. I am a building located in a school in Nagekeo District, Flores, NTT. I am situated near the self-built gate of the school committee. My building is white in color and not faded. You see, I’m actually a new building. I was constructed in 2008, but due to an earthquake, there are some cracks in my walls. It’s okay, just a few cracks. Psst…! I’ve heard rumors that I will be renovated because there is assistance from the Rainbow Reading Gardens for the Child-Friendly Library Program. I can’t wait to have my cracked walls fixed. Oh, I wonder how I’ll look with my new appearance?

A few weeks have passed, specifically on May 19, 2023. Initially, I was supposed to be renovated on that day, but according to my school family, the renovation event has been postponed. When I say my school family, I mean the principal, teachers, committee, and all the students. They are like my family in the school, and they are really kind. According to them, the renovation requires water. However, the school has limited water supply because there is no well yet. The available water supply is only enough for filling the bathroom tanks. My school family plans to fetch water from the river. Oh, I wonder how they will do it?

The committee and local residents have installed water pipes from the Aesesa River. They channel the water into a storage tank. The community works together to lay the pipes from the river to the school and install a pumping machine to get the water into the tank. Now, the water tank is filled with plenty of water, enough for the renovation of my building. Here’s a photo of it…

The water is ready now. It’s time for the first phase of the renovation. My school family gathered to discuss the concept of renovating me. The discussion was very interesting. Some proposed drawings of children wearing traditional clothes, while others suggested that the surrounding environment of SDI Rata is more beautiful. Oh, they are so enthusiastic! The concepts were collected and designed using the Canva application by Mr. Ali, the dedicated sports teacher at SDI Rata.

The school principal, Ms. Bea, sent the concept in PDF format to the representative from Taman Bacaan Pelangi. Her name is Ms. Devi. Ms. Devi helped provide feedback on the concept’s images and text based on the guidelines of Room to Read, an international organization collaborating with Taman Bacaan Pelangi. According to Ms. Devi, the images should be bright and child-friendly, with a positive theme, and the text should motivate children to come to the library and read regularly. The next day, the representative from Taman Bacaan Pelangi came to my school to follow up on the concept discussion and assist with the process. The discussion concluded, and the concept is ready to be projected onto the wall using a projector. The initial step is to create a sketch.

In creating the sketch, my school family, led by Mr. Ali, along with the teachers’ spouses, worked together at night to make the sketch. They pooled their resources for dinner. Why at night? Because it helps the projected images on the laptop appear brighter, making it easier to trace the sketch. Oh, they are so dedicated, working on the sketch at night! The painting was done together, even involving taller students. The committee was also involved, so the collaboration is amazing! Here’s a photo of it.

Now, my “body” looks colorful. I’m delighted with my new “outfit.” Can you hear my heartbeat? It’s pounding fast like the drums before a battle. Hahaha, just like the lyrics of a song. I hope you can see my new appearance, and I can be beneficial to the children of Nagekeo District. Stay tuned for the story when I’m officially inaugurated! Thank you for listening to my story. Goodbye for now.