Stefanus Gian K. P. Kehi, or affectionately known as Gian, is a figure who radiates extraordinary spirit and perseverance. Even though he is still in the 4th grade at SDK Supilape, Gian has already shown remarkable dedication towards his aspirations.

When his school library began the room preparation in October 2023, Gian immediately felt happy. The renovation wasn’t just an improvement but a transformation into a child-friendly library. For him, this was an exciting beginning, as Gian harbored a big dream of becoming a police officer. This dream drove him to deepen his knowledge by reading books about the struggles of the heroes available in the library.

Before the renovation, the condition of the library at his school, SDK Supilape, was dismal. The available books were limited, and the space was not only used for reading but also as a place for table tennis and storing learning equipment. Leaky roofs and the absence of ceilings made the room uncomfortable, especially during rainy or dry seasons. This made Gian reluctant to visit the library and instead chose to play with his friends in the schoolyard during every break or before lessons began.

Gian is reading in the library with his classmates during their library visit hour

After the library was renovated, Gian began to actively utilize it. He read many books, which then sharpened his understanding of the world. Inspiration from the dozens of books he read also made Gian a talented writer. In February 2024, Gian even managed to secure second place in the short story writing competition at the cluster level of his school. The short story he wrote titled “My Inspirational Library” not only entertained but also inspired many people.

The school principal is listening to Gian reading a book

Moreover, Gian didn’t want to enjoy various storybooks in the library alone. He also became a motivator among his friends. Gian actively encouraged them to read together in the library during school breaks. Gian’s enthusiasm was contagious, and now the library has become not only a place for reading but also a place for gathering and sharing knowledge for all students.

“I really love the library now. Almost every day, I borrow books to read at home with my family,” Gian said with enthusiasm. With his fervent spirit, Gian is not only pursuing his own dreams but also inspiring others to pursue their dreams by reading and learning in the new library.