Various forms of sports have been performed worldwide since ancient times. Until now, sports is still one of the best means to build a community and engaging with new people. So is the case in Flores. On December 2015, 6 teams from 5 different schools and our libraries at Labuan Bajo agreed to hold a volleyball tournament competing against each other. Volley is the most popular sport in Labuan Bajo.


The teams were from several villages including Nggorang, Rangga Watu, Dalong, Roe the host of the tournament, Melo. With great support from the local staff we’ve set up an area for playing, eating and celebrating on the campus.


The teams arrived in the morning and we played until 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Divided in two groups, we started with the group stage in which the teams had the opportunity to qualify for the semi final. After interesting and fascinating games which showed off the strength of some of the teams, Melo, Roe, Nggorang and one of the two teams from Dalong achieved to compete in the semifinals.



Two of the teams had to play one more time to go on the fifth place. While the first match was played by Roe, who came out as the winner, and Nggorang, the second match was a battle between both Melo vs Dalong. Though Dalong brought out their best against Melo, they didn’t stand a chance against the teamwork and individual qualities of Melo.


As we continued to the final games, once again everyone brought out their best to win the champion title. The fifth place was won by Rangga Watu. The fourth place winners, Nggorang, was beaten by a solid performance of Dalong.


The last two teams Roe and the host Melo were against each other to win the medal, the trophy, the first place. But in the end Roe was demolished by Melo, who then were announced as champions of the tournament.


The tournament was a success. We’ve managed to gather many villages together. The kids found new friends and the teachers had a lot to talk about. Everyone was happy, because as you say it’s not about winning, it’s about taking part in it.


Dalong, December 2015