During Eid Mubarak, a lot of people baking and selling “kue” (kue means cakes) with different flavors. In almost every house, there will be these “kue kering” that you can taste once you visit your relatives/neighbors who celebrate the festive. It is common to bake and sell these yummy “kue kering”, but one caring lady make her kue kering more meaningful by donating some Rupiah from each box of cake that she sells to buy books for Taman Bacaan Pelangi. How wonderful!

Every person has their own way to make this life more meaningful. This is probably one of Ibu Magdalena Atmadja’s ways in making her life more meaningful: by baking some cakes, selling them, and donating some of the revenues for charity. Her customers must feel good, not only feeling good from the taste of the cakes, but also feel good by contributing to this good cause!

Thank you, Ibu Magdalena, for such a sweet initiative! The books are wonderful! The kids will love ’em!