On Sunday afternoon, Sept 9th, 2012, a group of female arranged a get together in a Korean Restaurant  in Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta. They were all members of an Indonesian fan base of SS501’s Leader Kim Hyun Joong, a famous Korean pop singer! The fan club was called “Hyunited6686” .

What made that gathering special was the fact that everyone came to the restaurant with some children books in their hands! Yes, they were going to donate those books to Taman Bacaan Pelangi (Rainbow Reading Gardens)! What a sweet way to do a gathering!

Win from Hyunited6686 said, “Kim Hyun Joong himself is a very generous person. Sometimes he gave donations to people who are in need. So, as his fans, we also want to follow his footstep. He sets a good example for us“.

During the gathering, they held some games, such as a love letter writing competition (all the letters will be sent to the pop star Kim Hyun Joong by mail!) , quiz, etc. While enjoying the Korean dishes, they showed some memorabilia of their idol to each other — magazines, CDs, illuminated signs, etc. They also asked questions to us about Taman Bacaan Pelangi.

Thank you to everyone at “Hyunited6686” for donating those books to us. Those books were very suitable for the children at Taman Bacaan Pelangi as all of them were children story books with interesting illustrations and colorful! Kids would love them!!! And we also wanted to thank Kim Hyun Joong who has been spreading his “generosity virus” to all of his fans around the globe! Well done, Kim!

Hope to see you again in your next book drive’s gathering! 🙂