My time on Papagarang will come to an end soon and the last thing which was on my „to do – list“: a painting. With the help of the teachers, we have already painted a pretty colorful library. But we were looking for something more, we were looking for art.


Therefore our first challenge was to find an artist because my skills of painting are very much limited. Luckily Taman Bacaan Pelangi has already worked together with a painter named Matheus. He is from Nggorang (10km from Labuan Bajo), where he also has his artily.


Theus agreed to my idea of painting the logo and a tree in the library of Papagarang. On the 8th of April we bought all the colors he needed and took the early boat to Papagarang. Theus is currently working on projects in Labuan Bajo and had to go home the next morning. Our schedule included only one afternoon.


Theus remembered our logo from last time and didn´t work on any drafts. Leon came to Papagarang as well, in order to help us painting. We supported Theus were we could and I am sure, without him we wouldn´t be able to paint on one day and it wouldn´t be that good either. Thanks to Theus our temporary volunteer, who helped us already for the second time we kept our schedule and were able to appreciate a great painting in the library next morning.


Another cool thing, this has been Theus first time on an island in the Komodo National Park. Also he lives just 10 km from Labuan Bajo and works there almost every week, he waited until he´s aged 26 and he insured me, he wants to go visit the islands again, as soon as possible.
A great trip and a great result!


Papagarang Island,