So, you all know how cute our logo looks like, right?

Let us introduce you to the man who designed it 😉

Rainbow Chasers, please meet… Agus Widodo!

Agus Widodo who designed our logo :)
Agus Widodo who designed our logo 🙂

Agus Widodo is a former graphic designer who’s found his passion in photography and make it as his profession now. He holds a bachelor degree  from the Faculty of Art and Design, Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB) and has been based in Bali for years.

When Nila, our founder, asked him to design our logo, Agus said YES without any hesitancy. He even designed our logo free of charge, as a token of his contribution to Taman Bacaan Pelangi. So kind of him! 🙂

Agus asked, “What do you want in the logo?”. Nila said, “Kids, book and garden“.

Several days later, Agus came back with some options for the logo. And Nila chose one of them, the one that we’re using until now :).

Thank you so much, Agus, for designing our awesome logo. Everybody LOVES it! ^^