On 1-7 October 2017, Taman Bacaan Pelangi team participated in library management workshops and library periods. Taman Bacaan Pelangi team which was represented by Adhimas, Dewi, Riri and Jeje. The training was also attended by representatives from the district education office (DoE) Ende, who represented by Mr Venan and Mrs. Maria Yustina as representative of the department’s library (DoL).


This training was organized by Room to Read in collaboration with Provisi Education. Apart from Taman Bacaan Pelangi, this training was also attended by Mutiara Rindang and YLAI representatives, as a partner development library from Sidoarjo and Denpasar. Also present at this training was the representative of the national education ministry represented by Bu Lanny from Jakarta.

Discussion between participants and facilitator

This training held for 6 days, but since we also meet other friends and share knowledge about child-friendly libraries, this training is certainly a lot of fun.

Pak Venan as representative DoE Ende having a role play
Reading activities workshop, how to open a book
Everyone were looking so serious

This workshop has more reviews on library management and reading activities. Mr David facilitator from Room to Read returned to review the library management and reading activities. The trainees learn how to convey the material about reading activity.

Team from Taman Bacaan Pelangi reviewed session plan of the child friendly library project

There are two new things in this workshop material, the trainees also learn how to develop skills to be a good facilitator and how to create a sustainable child-friendly library.

In this case we are discussing with DoE and DoL district representatives Ende. We have exchanged ideas on how to orient the headmaster when the principal is being redirected and there are transfers / mutations of librarians and teachers.


In addition we also discuss how to add a collection of books so that the collection of library books will grow and children will visit the library more often.

Smile! Taking wefie is a must. We are ready to open more and more child friendly library!


Well, finally, the six-day workshop is over. We are very tired but also happy to get new knowledge.


We have been preparing for a workshop for teachers in Ende District. Hopefully a sustainable child-friendly library can be realized soon in Ende district.



Salam Literasi,

Adhimas Wijaya