A book drive event in an effort to collect books for our upcoming library in Alor will be held on Saturday, January 18th, 2014 at Dive Box Coffee, Jalan Terogong Raya 100 A, Pondok Indah, Jakarta. The event will start at 2pm until 5pm.

There will be two speakers, which are Nila Tanzil, our founder – who will be talking about Taman Bacaan Pelangi; and Medina Kamil, the TV host of “Jejak Petualang” – who will be talking about the beauty of Alor and its culture.

The event will also present Budi Doremi, a singer, as an entertainment :).

This event is open for public. We hope to see you there! Don’t forget to tell your friends and family to come and bring at least 5 children books per person as the “ticket”!

See you on Saturday, folks!

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