Nagekeo- Students often express boredom, which is understandable because teachers frequently use the same books repeatedly during read-aloud and shared reading sessions. Students already know the stories of the books being read.

This isn’t because the teachers aren’t changing the book titles used during read-aloud and shared reading activities, but due to the continuous regular reading sessions held in the library while the number of appropriate books are limited. Therefore, the suitable books in the library for read-aloud and shared reading have already been read. It’s no wonder that teachers use the same books over and over again for these activities. This dilemma is felt by school libraries in Nagekeo.

This has become an urgent need in libraries, as seen at SD Katolik Doki, in Mauponggo District, Nagekeo Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. The procurement of new books can’t be done  at this stage because the school has to wait for the BOS (School Operational Assistance) fund disbursement period, so it becomes a school dilemma. So, what did SD Katolik Doki do?

SD Katolik Doki sought a solution and implemented it by using technology to help resolve this dilemma. Through the Literacy Cloud platform, there are various book titles with levels appropriate to students’ reading abilities.

Reading activities using the literacy cloud platform

“Students are happy, there are various books with different titles on Literacy Cloud, and it is a new and exciting experience for them,” said Mr. Lexi, a fifth-grade teacher.

Drawing from training experience provided by Taman Bacaan Pelangi during the pandemic, teachers at SD Katolik Doki searched for interesting books on Literacy Cloud to be used for shared reading activities with students in the library. The impact was evident from the enthusiasm and positive response of students when using the books on Literacy Cloud.

“We tried using Literacy Cloud, supported by the school’s facilities such as screens, projectors, and fortunately at that time, the internet connection was in good condition,” said Mrs. Sevrin, the principal of SD Katolik Doki.

Mr Lexi and the students are enjoying reading activity with literacy cloud in the library

Support from the school principal to maximize technology greatly aids the smooth running of activities in the library. This is a smart solution to enrich the book titles used by teachers for reading activities in the library.

“Reading activities using Literacy Cloud are currently being conducted by Mr. Lexi, but I am encouraging other teachers to utilize Literacy Cloud during reading activities in SD Katolik Doki’s child-friendly library,” said the principal of SD Katolik Doki.

The good practice carried out by Mr. Lexi, a fifth-grade teacher, can be an example for other teachers in using books on Literacy Cloud as a solution to the limited book titles in the child-friendly library.