Each year, different departments of the Commonwealth Bank in Jakarta are free to hold a social activity of their choice and make a donation to a prefered organization. And recently, the employees of the Internal Audit Department of the Bank decided to hold a two-day “Warung AMALia” charity bazaar, where 10% of the revenue generated from the bazaar was to be donated to bringing more storybook to the children in Eastern Indonesia through the Rainbow Reading Gardens.


The charity bazaar sold a variety of goods and tasty street food at great price. The bazaar received positive feedback not only from the employees of Bank, but also from people working in the same building complex at the World Trade Center, Sudirman, Jakarta.


The place was jammed packed during lunch hours, as visitors could both do their shopping while treat themselves for some lunch at the same time.


Straight after the event, we received news from the Internal Audit team that they had managed to generate a donation of more than Rp 16 million. But the surprises didn’t stop there. The Commonwealth Bank pledged to match the fund and hence increased the total amount of donation to Rp 33 million! Plus – they collected more than 200 secondhand children books during the event, too.Woww!!


On behalf of the kids at Taman Bacaan Pelangi, we would like to convey our heartful gratitude to the big-hearted team of the Internal Audit Department of Commonwealth Bank, Indonesia, for their generosity and their relentless efforts in making this event super fun and succesful!
Thanks also to everyone who came and participated to help raise the funds.

We look forward to more joint initiatives in the future.


Let’s increase the reading interest of the children of eastern Indonesia.