An annual workshop for teachers and volunteers of the Rainbow Reading Gardens was recently held in Labuan Bajo, on January 10th-11th, 2015. This is the third time Rainbow Reading Gardens has conducted such event. An astounding 65 volunteers and teachers participated in the workshop, including teachers of elementary schools in and around Labuan Bajo.


This year’s workshop was themed “Nurturing Reading Habit through Creative Science Learning” and was supported by facilitators from Kelas Lentera Kuark, well-known for their science for kids magazine.

During the workshop, the teachers and volunteers were encouraged to nurture their sense of curiosity and creativity, especially in the field of science, using everyday things that are easily found in their villages and surrounding environments.

One example was crafting a hand-made car fueled with gas. The materials used for this experiment included cardboard box, rubber ring, palm leaf rib, baloon, and straw.All participants were excited to finish their cars. One participant even said that they would like to bring their own cars back home after the workshop.

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The experiment, along with many other activities in the workshop,was a totally new experience for all participants.Excitement filled the room throught the workshop. All participants were enthusiastic in following all sessions of the workshop until the closing of the workshop in the second day.

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It is hoped that after the workshop, the participating teachers can share their new skills in the classroom and the volunteers of the Rainbow Reading Gardens can initiate various scientific creative activities in their respective libraries. This would enrich the way education is provided and make learning more fun for the children.


In the longer term, we believe that such creative, science-related activities would help nurture the children’s love for learning through fun and creative science projects.


The workshop was officially closed by Head of Education, Youth and Sport Office of Manggarai Barat district, Bapak Marten, who has been a tremendous support to the workshop and to Rainbow Reading Garden.

We would like to express our gratitude to Sakti Dwi Hastuti from Kelas Lentera Kuark who has facilitated the workshop and induced such excitement in learning creative science to all the participants.Thanks also to The Asia Foundation for its support to the event.


Last but certainly not least, we would like to thank the teachers and volunteers of the Rainbow Reading Gardens for their great spirit and hard work throughout the workshop. We sincerely hope that this workshop can further increase everyone’s spirit in educating the children of the Rainbow Reading Gardens both inthe libraries and in the classroom.
See you at the next workshop! 