Hey folks,
After a time here I am again. But I’m not in Rinca anymore, in Melo instead.


After 3 great Months in Rinca, I changed my place to get new impressions and experiences. But later more.
I spend my last weeks around New Years Eve in Bali for our midterm gathering from World-Horizon, my German organisation. It was fun to see what the other volunteers are doing, so I joined Alex right after it one week to Lombok. In Lombok the project is called “Kinderoase” (Children Oasis).


It’s a place where children can pass by after school and spend their free time together. In addition they get help for their homeworks and they can participate in English-, Math- and German lessons. Next to reading, playing and handcraft activities of course. It was fun for me to help and I took some new Ideas for my volunteer work with me.


After Lombok, I had to go to Singapore to get my new Visa. Indonesia still don’t have a Visa for volunteers, but at least in Singapore was no struggle with it so I could go back to Flores fast.


In Flores my new village is called “Melo”. It’s up the hills half an hour far from Labuan Bajo. It’s blessed with a stunning view over the island to the ocean. The library is inside the culture house where the kids can enjoy the view while reading. It’s the perfect place to read!


In the first week we (the kids and me) got to know each other. We talked about hobbies, about dreams for their future and they asked me about Germany.It was fun for me how they imagine Germany. They were shocked when I told them that we don’t eat rice everyday. They couldn’t imagine how I could get so big without rice. But on the other hand I recognized that they already know something about Germany from reading. On the globe they could show me where it is for example.


Handcraft activities are now on the new schedule too. It’s lovely how fast you can bring a kid a smile on his face just with some paper and pencils or scissors and glue. With big enthusiasm they create their arts now.


I started teaching English in elementary school and one class in midschool. The kids are very motivated to learn a new language. When I asked them why they think that English is so important one kid in 4th class answered “To talk to Mr. Paul” and smiled. It was a such a big motivation boost again. That’s some kind of salary for me.I was quite impressed that the kids already can speak a few words and sentences, but I’m now onto improve their skills which is still fun.


Last but not least next to Melo I visited a library in the small village Dalong, down the road. Last week, Simon and me brought some new books. The kids were so happy about the big package with the new books. I try to go there more often now to teach some English and to spend some time with the kids.


I will keep you informed.
Stay tuned.