Spending time with the kids on Messah is amazing…it’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. The kids love to laugh and they are so easy to get along with. They’re so intrigued by everything you say and do. We like to talk and share ideas. I’ve learned so much about life on Messah— fishing, playing volleyball, and lots more.


We’ve made a real connection with the kids here. It’s so amazing. One of my favorite kids is Fauzan, the son of a sailor. Another one of my new best friends is named Takdir. Everybody on Messah is so friendly, and once they realize that you are there to bring books and build a library, they say thank you. That appreciate is overwhelming. We just got two big lobsters from the locals today.


Our relationship with Pak Joko (the Taman Bacaan Pelangi [Rainbow Reading Gardens] volunteer on Messah) and his family is great. As a principal, Joko genuinely does whatever it takes to make his school better. On top of that, he treats volunteers like family. We’re close with his whole family (except for his youngest, who cries every time I get close to her). We always stay at Joko’s house when we are on Messah.


The World Map project is almost finished. New books are on their way. We’re slated to the library renovation by the end of February. I’m so grateful for the experience and the chance to actually make this happen.



I couldn’t have done it without Eka and Sufjan, who played huge roles in everything we’ve done here. Eka will return to Jakarta tomorrow. I’m sure the kids will miss her. Shout out to Lulu, who hands-down has been one of the cutest little girl I’ve ever met.


—Fadil, Volunteer