The children at the local Catholic Elementary School at Melo, Flores were getting their new collection of books. I brought two boxes full of books from Jakarta, which we collected from various donations from the Rainbow Reading Gardens’ friends in Jakarta and a new carpet.


Once we finished opening the boxes, the children helped me to put and arrange them at the shelves immediately. There was also a teacher helping us.
After arranging the books, we rolled out the new carpet and covered the floor with it, so that the children could sit on the floor while reading the books. The children were very happy.

image (19)

Before entering the library, i intorduced some new rules of the library. I told them about the importance of washing their hands before reading the books and of leaving their shoes/slippers outside of the library. And then, I showed them how to properly take the books from the shelves and to return them.


They seem to be happy about them and learn them quickly.

Happy reading children! Let’s bring more books and happiness to the children in the eastern region of Indonesia!


Monika Harahap
for the Rainbow Reading Gardens