Those are the words from Elang and Scarlett, a little boy and a little girl who live in Seattle, USA.
They donated 30 children books, all were in Indonesian language, for Taman Bacaan Pelangi (Rainbow Reading Gardens).

These two mixed blood kids, raised in the USA, are half Indonesian, half American. Their Indonesian Mom told us that Elang and Scarlett bought the books from their own savings! Aahhh… how sweet!!!

It is definitely a good thing to start introducing the art of giving to our children from their earliest age! Two thumbs up for Elang and Scarlett’s parents for introducing this philosophy of life at their early age. We hope that they will continue to grow to be generous and wonderful persons

Thank you, Elang and Scarlett!! All the kids in Rainbow Reading Gardens LOVE and ENJOY reading the books that you gave from you!