October 12nd was such a special day for Rainbow Reading Gardens, especially for our library at SDK Melo, Flores. How so? Because on that day, around 35 travel bloggers from 14 different countries visited the library and played together with the children.


All travel bloggers were very happy to share their stories with the children. With the help of Indonesian travel bloggers who also joined the trip, the international bloggers told their stories without any problems even though they came from different cultures with different languages. Isn’t it awesome to see how we relate to one another and even help one another in the process? What a valuable lesson for the children!


The bloggers told stories about their jobs and hobbies. Some also showed where their countries were through the world map on the wall of the library. The children got even more excited when the travel bloggers showed their other cool talents, like singing and dancing.


They spent almost two hours and the travel bloggers could not stop smiling and laughing while meeting the children. The children too could not stop smiling and laughing seeing the funny tavel bloggers.


We wanted to thank all the travel bloggers who visited our kids at the library and wish them an enjoyable travel for the rest of their trip to various cool spots in #INAtopbucketlist . The children really enjoyed the moment with you all. In fact, they have already got new, heightened spirits after playing, singing, and dancing with you! We shall wait for your next visit!