We could still feel the butterflies in our stomachs on the next day on the second library opening. Surprises are inevitable yet luckily the surprise that we’ve received during our library opening at Merombok primary school was a great one!


The Rainbow Reading Gardens team & representatives of the West Manggarai youth, sports and education department were welcomed by dozens of students and teachers lining up near the school entrance. The way they greeted us made us feel like we were celebrities! Throughout the ceremony we never stopped smiling & cheering the children who were not shy to show their dancing prowess.


The Merombok primary school, Vinsensius Obut, lead the ceremony that was marked by a traditional offering ceremony in which we were presented with money, a live chicken and local alcohol. After a few welcoming speeches from Nila Tanzil and representative of the education department, we were once again greeted with art performances by the students. The students were so happy to have the chance to greet visitors, they even asked the teachers if they could perform more.


Parents eagerly filled up the library, skimming through the books and praising how diverse the collection was. Many have promised to remind their children to visit the library and borrow the books to bring home. About 1500 books are now stored in the library, ready to be read by 235 students of the school.


With the opening of the library, Merombok primary school library is now the 31st library of Rainbow Reading Gardens.