The opening week of the 8 new libraries felt like a whirlpool of emotions. Every morning we felt a mix of excitement and anxiety, wishing that all would go according to plan. The anxiety immediately fades into joy once we see the children running to greet us. Today we opened the library located at the Labuan Bajo 2 state primary school which is located at Labuan Bajo city.


The enthusiasm of the students and teachers of the 32nd library was palpable. Traditional dances, modern dances, mini plays, and even library themed poetry were performed that day. One of the students, who also participates as a volunteer student librarian, has even created a song to welcome the opening of the new library.


Although the preparation was quite short notice, the school principal, Wis, was satisfied with the opening due to the children’s efforts to do their best. “The students of Labuan Bajo 2 state primary school are exceptional children,” says Hilda, the school librarian.


About 2200 books are now stored and ready to be read by 526 students. Compared to the other schools, this school had the most students. We hope that the students continue to love reading & that the library will always be a place for them to develop creativity.