To follow up on the progress of the 8 new Taman Bacaan Pelangi libraries that were established in different regions in the West Manggarai regency, we held a special training workshop for the principals and teachers to introduce the new literacy program that will be regularly at the library. The program will take place during the library’s opening hours and guided by the teachers.


There are 4 activities within the new literacy program; reading aloud, reading in groups, reading in pairs and reading individually. We’ve prepared all the materials and script for each and every activity.


For the reading aloud activity, a teacher will assist by reading aloud as children listen, reading in groups will be between the students and the teacher, while reading in pairs and reading individually will be carried out by students themselves. The activities are meant to increase the children’s interest in books through lively and expressive storytelling.


The teachers who participated in the workshop carried such a warm enthusiasm during the 4 days. Some teachers were surprisingly nervous to be reading aloud to their students, while others read with much more ease. All the effort was met with applause and cheers of the students who couldn’t to have their turn to read.


In this workshop, Taman Bacaan Pelangi focuses on delivering the stories in such an attractive way to grasp the students into the story of the book. It’s not just reading a text book aloud, but immersing yourself with the story, keeping the children entertained, as well as improving their reading. It was a new experience for the teachers to read in such a precise way. They believe it was necessary to bring life to the stories.


The activities will push the children further to actively read books while the role of teachers and adult supervisors will a sense of comfort and reassurance.


Good luck teachers!

Labuan Bajo, February 2016