Earlier this month, I continued my journey to Papua to visit our library located in Puncak Jaya’s capital, Mulia. It was time for renovations and as the freshly painted blue walls of the library brightens the room, we hope the children will continue to feel comfortable to spend time reading in the library.13055009_1001237099958466_3601622685512853778_o

During this visit, Rainbow Reading Garden’s distributed over than 1500 books to the 412 students in the school. In response to the arrival of new books and renovation, students actively painted the walls, tidied up the books and bookshelves.



With the help of the school principal, teachers and students, the library renovation took less than a week to finish. The concrete floors are now covered with a carpet, making it more comfortable for the children sit on the floor and read.



As we explained Rainbow Reading Garden’s visions and programs for this year to Amir Wonda, the local education agency head, he said, “If the rainbow has reached Puncak Jaya, you’ve touched the heart of Papua.” During the meeting, he expressed his hope and support for Rainbow Reading Gardens to extend its reaches to the outer parts of Papua. Moved by his kind words and support, we hope that one day we can realize his wishes.


After the final touches of the library have been finished, we proceeded to hold our training workshops to the school principal and teachers. The workshop’s aim is to help the teachers in managing the library as well as incorporating reading activities in the library. The teachers showed their eagerness.

The children of the indigenous Dani tribe as well as the other children of the area were very happy to see new books in the library. The future of Papua depends on it’s youth and we believe that books will uncover the knowledge for the children to become the future leaders.


Rainbow Reading Gardens won’t stop here. Hopefully we can extend our reaches to all areas of Papua and continue to supply libraries with good quality books!

Mulia, April 2016