On April 2 2016, the British Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia, H.E. Moazzam Malik and family, made a visit to one of Rainbow Reading Garden’s libraries located in Papagarang island, marking their first visit to Flores.


His excellency shared several stories of his youth and how books played a significant role in his life and ultimately his career. The children listened intently as the ambassador explained to the how books are a source of knowledge and will help them realize their dreams.


There aren’t many British tourists that have visited their island, so the children were very excited as they listened to the ambassador talk about the bustling streets of England’s capital and also their unique customs. Some of the children even asked the Ambassador for advice and shared their ambitions for the future.


We thank Mr Malik and his family for visiting our library and inspiring the children of Flores to broaden their knowledge through reading. We hope the children will be motivated to pursue their dreams. Who knows maybe one of the student’s in the library will become the Indonesian Ambassador? 🙂

Papagarang island, April 2016