One of the ways to maintain the sustainability of library development program is by building strong commmunication with all stakeholders in the library area, such as principals, teachers, school committee, community and of course the Education, Youth, and Sport Agency of West Manggarai Regency.

Apart from the strong approach and comunication, Rainbow Reading Gardens also provide capacity building workshop for principals and teachers.

The first workshop, Library Management Workshop, was carried out on November 21-23 2016, while the second one, Library Period Workshop, was carried out in 4 (four) days on Januari 23-26, 2017.

Theme of the Second Workshop

While in the first workshop each school had 3 (three) representatives, namely principal, librarian, and a teacher. the second workshop was attended by principals, and 2 (two) teacher personnel from both lower grade and higher grades. This condition was made for certain purposes.

Similar to the previous workshop, opening speech from Head of Education Agency of West Manggarai Regency and Program Manager at Rainbow Reading Gardens marked the opening of the workshop.

Group Photo with Head of Education Agency of West Manggarai before the workshop

The workshop mainly focuses on the library period, which is included in the roster, as well as introduction to 4 (four) reading activities during library period, namely reading aloud, reading together, paired reading, and independent reading.

Participants acting as students during Reading Aloud simulation .

This workshop is very useful as not all library coordinators or even teachers acknowledge and understand how to do “reading activities” which attract children to develop their habit of reading in order to create print-rich environment. We were sorry for the absence of a number of principals in this workshop. However, the enthusiasm of other participants were not affected. This is because this workshop is unlike any other workshop. The workshop emphasizes on the active participation, including discussion and simulations, both in small groups and a big one. Therefore, the participants did not sit and listen to the facilitators all day, yet they actively participated in the sessions. We, facilitators, made sure that every participant gets equal opportunity in every discussion and simulation.

Workshop emphasizing on active participation, participants getting equal opportunity during discussion and
Participants doing simulation in a small group.

Sadly, since the second day of the workshop, the weather was not very good. I personally worried about how the participants got to the workshop venue, as we know well that some road access to their houses or schools are challenging during the rain. However, I was so moved seeing all the seats were taken. The participants were enthusiastic to be present until the last day of the workshop. This is not about the obligation to come to the workshop anymore, it is more about the fun and enjoyment of the atmosphere created by all the participants, together with the facilitators.


Peserta melakukan praktik kegiatan membaca di kelompok kecil

The second workshop in the first year of the second phase is well done. The facilitators, principals, and teachers ended the final day with all smiles and endless gratitudes. All participants were ready to channel what they have acknowledged by conducting orientation for their fellow teachers.

Participants enjoying ice breaking activities before each session .

As the workshop has ended, we highly hope for the support and collaboration with the Education Agency of West Manggarai Regency, as the governemnt should be grateful and supporting organizations  which focus on such beneficial activities that assist their works and help do the responsibilities, especially in developing literacy environment, or in this case the Education Agency of West Manggarai.  May the information shared to the teachers and  support from the Education Agency of West Manggarai Regency help  build sustained library development in schools located in West Manggarai Regency.

The Superb team of Facilitators. Smiling ear to ear despite the drained energy. hahaa..

….and the greatest gratitude for the team of facilitators who have worked very hard! Cheers!^^

Labuan Bajo, February 2, 2017

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