After returning to Labuan Bajo, I found myself not similar to who I used to be. I was suddenly bombarded by questions coming from myself. I often spent my nights talking to myself! What? ?


In a relationship or work, it is indeed important to make some distance. This might help us think more clearly and objectively. Distance, sometime, can lead us to see the invisibles which may have been around us. That’s important!

Pic 1: Rainbow Reading Gardens Library at SDN Golo Lansing, West Manggarai, NTT

That is what I am feeling right now towards Rainbow Reading Gardens libraries in West Manggarai area, East Nusa Tenggara. Since September 2016, I have made some distance with them, and of course with the kids as well as my little buddies. Therefore, this January, I am coming with a distinct perspective.


One of the questions that emerges is “Until when will TBP oversee these schools and kids?” After the library is opened, TBP does not necessarily leave it. Almost every library being opened since 2009 is under TBP’s guidance until now. Some libraries are even shut down and revamped to the closest elementary school.

Pic 2: Children from SDN Tomara, South Halmahera

During its journey, Rainbow Reading Gardens have been developing and transforming. If the organization can develop and change, why can’t the libraries?

Pic 3: Rainbow Reading Gardens library at Rinca Island, Flores, NTT

With Mbak Nila, I discussed the handover of those libraries gradually. Letting them go slowly. Meaning, not all existing libraries will be intensely supported. Those libraries will be provided with the opportunity to develop and grow in their own ways.


This handover issue is closely related to trust. Can TBP, as an organization which has been supporting all this time, entrust the schools and persons in charge to manage the libraries on their own? They have to, eventuallly. When? Now, it is! ?

Yes, we can start it step by step.

Should TBP do it? Is it okay to leave them on their own?


For me, this is one of the consequences to developing. Ready for a change and making decisions. It is indeed not easy for Rainbow Reading Gardens to let them go.

Pic 4: Ready for a change! 😉

In some occasions, Mbak Nila brought back the memories and the hard work she had done to start the initiatives. However, Mbak Nila and Rainbow Reading Gardens as an organization she has been taking care of since 2009 have reached the moment to develop and grow in a so called unique way!


Finally, I started talking about this change to some persons in charge and principals. I am glad to see their reaction, they agree to this change.

Pic 5: Reading seriously!

As a teacher, they also believe that children are not to be under their guidance forever in order to develop and be brighter. There will come the time to let them go and let them find themselves!


Hopefully, those who are seeking will find. Whatever they might be.

It also applies to the libraries which are to be handed over. May they develop. If, at one time, they go faded, may they fight. Don’t give up!

Pic 6: Fighting! 😉

Have fun growing!


Labuan Bajo, 1.30.2017