To celebrate the 72nd anniversary of Indonesian Independence, Rainbow Reading Gardens in collaboration with Gramedia held a writing competition called Big Book Competition. The objective of this activity is to improve the reading and writing ability as well as creativity of the students. The theme of this competition is “Message for Indonesia,” which is expected to boost the kids’ spirit in delivering their messages for Indonesia on this special day, the independence day.

The competition started on Aug 9 and ended on the 15th. The participants are all schools partnering with Rainbow Reading Gardens across Eastern Indonesia, including Flores and Papua. Each team from each school consists of 10 students, and they are to collaborate in creating a story book on large papers (big book).

“Yes, Sir… Our school is excited to be involved in this competition, we hope our school can give our best, ” said Pak Saverinus, the principal of SDI Beci, West Manggarai as we shared the information on the competition.

Students were busy working on this competition a few days before submission. They were excited in finishing their writing.


Students at SDI Namo Writing the Big Book Excitedly


Students at SDI Harapan Sentani, Papua Were Not Less Enthusiastic
Students of SDN Rangga Watu Participating in the Competition

Many of the participants deliver the message of tolerance and hard work in pursuing dreams. Students of SDI Nggorang imply that diversity will never be a burden in friendship. They also tell the importance of preserving the nature and of not littering.

“Diversity Will Never be A Burden in Frienship,” Said the Students of SDI Nggorang


“Let’s Respect Other Religions,” Said Students of SDI Beci


Helping Friends in Need is the Message Delivered by Students at SDI Harapan, Papua


Students at SDI Macan Tanggar Posing with Their Work

Among many schools participating in this competition, 10 schools were selected as the winners on August 17, 2017, the independence day of Indonesia.

The winners are: TB Pelangi SDI Harapan Sentani (Papua), TB Pelangi SDK Melo (Flores), TB Pelangi SDN Nijang (Sumbawa), TB Pelangi SDI Beci (Flores), TB Pelangi SDI Nggorang (Flores), TB Pelangi SDI Macan Tanggar (Flores), TB Pelangi SDI Namo (Flores), SDN Rangga Watu (Flores), TB Pelangi SDI Maki (Flores), and TB Pelangi SDN Lancang (Flores).

We would like to thank all the schools participating in this activity, including teachers for preparing for the competition, students for writing the big book, and last but not least, Gramedia for sponsoring this event.

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku!

Let’s support Rainbow Reading Gardens in providing advancement and improvement of literacy in the Eastern Indonesia.


Adhimas Wijaya

Ende, 18 Agustus 2017