After meeting with the Head of District of Education (DoE) of Sorong Regency and the elementary school principal at Hotel Handayani in Aimas, in the next day I immediately started my visit some schools based on head of DoE and principal’s recommendation.

SD Inpres 1 which is located in Aimas I have visited before even head of DoE recomended this school. Later, I will tell the story about this ‘purple’ school. Hehehe ..

SDN Inpres 1 Sorong

I had two weeks before the semester break to go to almost 16 elementary schools in Kapubaten Sorong. These schools are starting from elementary school Aimas, Tugu Merah, Klamono, SP 2, even going farther near other district which is Makbon.

The area ini Sorong regency is still new to me, I do not imagine anything or expect anything about the school that I am going to attend. I let the surprises come by itself. Hehehe ….

Most of the schools that I visited have a library building. However, not all schools use libraries as they should. There are some schools that make the library building as a warehouse to store used goods or those still in use. Other schools using library as an additional classroom, sports room, and UKS (Unit of School Health).

The condition of library

So what about the books?
Well, most of the books I found in their libraries are books that I categorize as books that are not child friendly book. How can it be? Yes. I found a rotten book, and most of the themes of the available books are for adults. For example books on how to raise chickens, how to care for koi fish, and many others.

Will the children be happy to read these such books?
Certainly not. As a result, the books became a termite nest and bookshelves gradually decayed also eaten by termites and other insects.

I told about this situation I found in the field so that hopefully it can provide a reference about the actual condition of education and schools in the rural area of this country, like in Papua.

Through this story I also want to share my experience when I was meeting with teachers and principals who are dedicated to the advancement of the quality of education in their schools. So, during school visits, I have conversation with principals and teachers,  and I can not close my eyes that I’m talking to dedicated people in their field.

Pak Pangala, a dedicated teacher from SD Inpres 26 Klamono

I found principals with excellent vision and mission to improve the quality of education in their schools. For example, Pak Simon at SD INP 26 Klamono has vision to create school environment become child friendly and fun for the kids. His mission is also supported by teachers who love to teach at school and are liked by children.

SD INP 3 Makbon

I also met with Pak Suyono in SD INP 3 Makbon who also has the spirit  to contribute to the school improvement. To help children in the school face unpredictable future, he hires an English teacher to help children improve their language skills.

Pak Suyono has also been a dedicated teacher who got nomination for several times and invited to the State Palace in Jakarta to meet President RI.


A successful school must have a dedicated principal and teachers. The two principals I mentioned above are just a few of the many dedicated people I found when conducting school selection.