For 4 days I visited several elementary schools which are pilot projects of #BebasButaHuruf. This project have started since the end of July. The school that I visited was SDI Beci, SDI Namo, SD Merombok and SDN Rangga Watu. It was great to visit the students at this school. So this is the second time I went to this school to see how far the program is being implemented in their school. So in last July the teachers have been equipped with literary workshops to help children who are still having difficulties in reading. On my previous visit, I got baseline data on student ability in reading. On this visit, I had the opportunity to see how they read and write. The emotion of overflowing when I was seeing some students from several classes has increased significantly. For example 1st grade students who previously could only recognize less than 5 letters such as A, B, I, U, O, when the second visit was within 3 months, they were able to read 10 words in a minute. I was so glad …. It is true that reading skills are taught from an early age. I asked one of the teachers, what made them have a good reading ability? the answer is student motivation and teacher guidance

Mrs Helda at SDI Namo assess the children to read in class

Ibu Yovita from SDN Rangga Watu with grade 1 students

Most of the students have a significant increase in terms of reading ability. This result is because of the patience of principals, teachers and parents to be more diligent and passionate in guiding their children to read. One of the teachers from SDN Rangga Watu explained that sometimes students come to their homes to study.

Student grade 5 of SDI Namo

Although I spend more time with students in grade 1 and 2, I also met with 5th grade students of SDI Namo. Usually, we have conversation about what they want to be in the future. 

After I finished measuring children reading ability, I do ‘read aloud’ for them stories before I am going home. I read stories about deer and snails in the race/competition. It turns out the snail can beat the deer in the race run. The students grade 1 and 2 are listening to the story of deer and snail. Children are interested in stories of deer and snails. Keep learning and reading kids!


Jakarta, November 2017

Adhimas Wijaya