If you hear the word of ‘Sumba’, what is on your mind? A savanna, the hills that often changes its colour, traditional house, or the famous woven fabric?  Sumba, with all the beauty of nature and culture do have a different attraction. Luckily, this year Taman Bacaan Pelangi has landed on the Humba Land, East Sumba.

Since April, Rainbow Reading Gardens’ team have worked, collaborate with the East Sumba Education Authority to develop three child-friendly libraries. Various processes were carried out. Such as, the selection some schools that would become work partners and beneficiaries, principals, teachers and librarians training, and the library inauguration.

Workshop for principals, teachers, and librarians
Teacher and student help each other in the renovation process

Even though, the process cannot be said to be easy, but the fatigue was dissapear quickly when I saw the children’s spirit and their laugh. Beside the principal and the teachers, it was the children who were most enthusiastic about welcoming their new library. Since the renovation process, they have been impatient and often ask many questions, about what books will be available in the library, what images will be displayed to the wall, and discussing when they might read in the library. How cute they are!

Yay! This is our new library 🙂

Well, since already exists a ‘rainbow’ in Humba, don’t forget to add a picture of a children’s laughter reading in your imaginary when you hear Sumba’s words.