“Sissy, I am very happy to have a new library” Icha whispered in my ear after the inauguration of the library at her school. It was not only Icha who felt very happy, there were also many other children who were as happy as Icha.

Indeed, the moment of the inauguration of the library was one of the most eagerly awaited events. For principals, teachers, and librarians because the inauguration is also the moment where they see the results of their hard work during the process, as well as the start of various activities in the library. For children, the moment of inauguration is like answering their curiosity towards their new library. Then for us, Taman Bacaan Pelangi is an enthusiasm injection to keep going – more and more.

At the end of last July, the Taman Bacaan Pelangi has opened its 83rd library at SD Masehi Payeti 2. It is good news, right? This is also the first friendly library for children in Humba.

The inauguration has been attended by East Sumba vice-regent, Mr. Umbu Lili Pekuwali, this event went lively and solemnly. Very delightful with various students’ performances- drum band, dancing, and singing, it was also attractive because teachers and committees used their traditional clothes. There was also solemn with welcoming speech and prays from all guests and parents.


The little dancers after performing

In his welcoming speech, Mr. Umbu Lili Pekuwali expressed his appreciation to Taman Bacaan Pelangi which has been there for helping them in building their education especially literacy, in East Sumba. He acknowledged that the quality of literacy in East Sumba was still processing, so it is needed extra cooperation from many parties.

The good news from Sumba could not have been actualized without the support of Widyatmoko’s family as a donor of this library. Ms. Rita and Mr. Banu who had the opportunity to attend this inauguration were very enthusiastic. They even accompanied children exploring their new library, you know. It sounds interesting, isn’t it?

Mr. Banu and Mrs. Rita accompanying children to read

Hopefully, this piece of news from Sumba will be as a reminder for us that there are still many good people who want to collaborate to educate children at the edge of the country.