The journey to SDK Kekandere 1 is not easy. To go to school, we traveled for about two hours on an uphill road because the location of the Rajawawo area was in the hills.

On Monday, 10 September 2018 the Rainbow Reading Gardens team moved from Nangakeo Elementary School to Kekandere 1 Elementary School at 12.00 WITA for the library inauguration event. Arriving at SDK Kekandere 1, guests were greeted with very lively music and given traditional Ende woven fabrics as a sign of respect.

The guest at the event consisted of Siska Sare from the Department of Education, a representative from the sub-district head of the Department of Education and many more. Each were seated in a special seat reserved for the VIPs, inside a tent erected by the school teachers and community, near the library that is just about to be inaugurated.

Performance by Students of SDK Kekandere 1

The students enthusiastically performed songs and dances to liven up the event, even writing their own poems and songs.

Performing Songs with their Hearts

Among the entertaining and inspiring performances of students, invited guests were given the opportunity to give a speech. Dardanella Riba, Head of SDK Kekandere 1 expressed her gratitude to the guests, especially those related to the library.

Siska Sare, Representative from Ende DoE Giving Speech

The DoE also spoke, emphasizing the importance of having a library in the schools so that children can read books that are age-appropriate. She also left a message to the school and the parents to collectively take care of the library that was inaugurated on that day.

After the inauguration, the guests, parents and students were each given a chance to enter the library and sample the new books.

Group Photo
Group Photo 

The children were also given the opportunity to read the books they found appealing. Although the hills were alive with the sound of music, many children chose to remain in the library, preferring the book to the parties outside.

Reading Books Very Seriously
Talking with A Friend while Reading 
Parent Guiding Kids to Pick Books