After working together for about a month to select almost 22 schools, finally we have 10 new selected schools to work with for Room to Read Google Project in Ende regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Yeayy!!

The ten new schools are: SDN Wolowaru 3, SDI Woloara, SDK Koanara, SDK Welamosa, SDI Welamosa, SDK Marsudirini, SDK Wolotolo, SDI Ende 10, SDK Paupire, and last but not least SDI Puukungu.

Today May 16th, we were gathering at the DoE office to sign the MoU and be witnessed by the secretary of the DoE office, Mr. Rapa Silvester. This signing MoU session was held to strenghten the commitment of the selected schools to work with us during this project.

The differences of this project if comparing with our previous project is this time we will introduce the usage of technology in the library. The idea is the teachers will get the workshop about using the technology, such as laptop and projector for reading activities at the library.

We also will introduce the Room to Read’s platform in which teachers can download or read online the e-book and watch the reading activities. So, that’s why in this project we prioritize the schools that are in the 4G area.

Hopefully this program brings a lot of joy of reading and love of books for the kids in Ende. 😉

Ende, May 16th 2019