The time has come. It’s the time to bring the 38 libraries back to the DoE office of Ende regency, East Nusa Tenggara. After supporting the libraries for almost two years, now is the time to let the libraries learn and work alone.

Once a wise man told us that a good teacher is the one who can make their students learn by themselves. At the end, these libraries will work by themselves, and us as the organization will take care of them from the far place. But, this handover was not a sad celebration. This is a moment to remember that we always be a part of a family, the family of Rainbow Reading Gardens.

Nila Tanzil, our founder also commit that we will work together again in the future for our different project. And she hopes the library will be running even without our support like we used to do.

The secretary of DoE office, Mr. Rapa Silvester also gave support to the librarian and principal to always have the spirit high while manage their library.

Today, we also give the appreciation to all librarian who already work very hard to manage their library. Some of the librarians have to do double even triple jobs while at the same time working the library. We are impressed how they work from the heart even sometimes not get paid properly.

Hopefully the 38 libraries will manage to sustainn their libraries and bring more joy of reading and love of books for the kids. 🙂

Ende, May 17th 2019