Mrs. Theresia Menge, the first grade teacher from Ende 10 elementary school has shown a significant progress in reading activity. I have watched Mrs. Thres several times when she read the book to her students. Her smooth and gentle carrying turns out to have its own appeal when reading the story.

At that time, Mrs. Thres was reading “Bubu the Ambulance” to the children when her Home Learning (BDR) practice was about to be finished. The reading activity before disbanding is highly recommended to increase the child’s enjoyment of books at an early age.

When Ms. Thres read the book “Bubu the Ambulance”, I watched how her children reacted at the time. Their eyes were sparkling. The awe of the colorful images in the book also makes the children stand closer to Mrs. Thres. In addition, I also saw the children laughing when they heard Mrs. Thres repeating the funny sounds in the story. Like the sound of an ambulance siren, the sound of coughing, and the sound of happy expressions.

After seeing the moment, I increasingly believe that reading stories to children is capable in providing magical moments. The pleasure of being together and laughing become a kind of solace, especially in times of this pandemic.

Many of the children I met admitted that they missed meeting and playing with their friends. BDR’s limited time is also not very pleasant for them if they want to interact with friends of their age.

Hopefully by reading this story, we adults and all teachers can give a glimmer of joy to our children.

Thank you, Mrs. Thres!


*if you want to read ‘Bubu the Ambulance’ click here