After the online training for 3 days about how to do fun online reading activities, the next schedule was to visit the partner schools to ensure that all schools have no problems with this program. The focus of the 2021 Fun Reading Program for teachers in schools was to make them get used in using the  Literacy Cloud, how to use Zoom Apps in reading activities, and of course, the most important thing was that the teachers must understand how to do fun read aloud to students.

SDI Mbongawani (Mbongawani Elementary School) was the first school that asked our organization on assisting them and ensuring the readiness of their teachers before starting the program. SDI Mbongawani took the initiative themselves even before we informed them there would be direct assistance to schools. This school has taken one step ahead than the other schools.

During the mentoring, the teachers were very enthusiastic and excited. Several teachers said that during the online training, all the materials were easy to understand , but when they tried to apply Fun Reading Program, they had some difficulties.  With our team assisting them directly, the teachers were very grateful and got some showcases of how to conduct read aloud activities using the Literacy Cloud offline and online via Zoom App.

Now the teachers in Mbongawani Elementary School were able to use Zoom app. They were happy to get this new skills and even plan to use the app not only for reading activities, but also during lessons or school meetings.

Hopefully, their enthusiasm would continue and flourish, especially when they start conducting the read aloud activities with their students. Because after all, the main purpose of all this is to foster a “Reading Habit” in children, that is, when children want to read, read frequently, and enjoyed reading, not only at school but also at home.