“The struggle for survival is not through competition, but through collaboration and heartfelt cooperation.” – Djajendra (Author)

Today, the school field looks busier than usual. The blue sky with cotton-like clouds indicates clear weather, supporting the preparations for the upcoming inauguration. All members of the community are working together on the preparations.

SDI Rata’s community were working together for room preparation before the library opening

The first task is the renovation of the SDI Rata library. The renovation concept was planned by the school principal and teachers. Now, the execution team for painting includes Mr. Ali (Frontline Teacher) along with the committee. Meanwhile, the teachers prepare meals for their communal work. The painting process takes place at night using a projector, as the night conditions make the projector’s light appear brighter than during the day.

“We didn’t hire a painter. Due to budget constraints, we also thought about how everyone could have this library. That’s why we chose communal work with the committee,” said Mr. Ali, the head of the library painting team.

Here are before-and-after photos of the physical library renovation. The results are impressive! It’s like the work of a painter, even though they didn’t hire one. The use of a projector as a tool for painting the library can be emulated by other schools. This method is more efficient.

SDI Rata’s library before the intervention


SDI Rata’s library after the intervention

The physical appearance of the library has improved. The facilities inside the library are neatly arranged. Taman Bacaan Pelangi contributed three hundred and eighty-two children’s storybooks, office supplies, two library management guidebooks, ten cushions, two single-sided shelves, two double-sided shelves, book level posters, and four tables. The school prepared carpets and painted the library building with bright colors. The arrangement process was also done with communal work involving the teachers.

Not only were the facilities organized, but training was also conducted. The school principal, teachers, and librarian received training in three types: Library Management, Library Routines, and Library Period (Reading Activities). The Library Period training will be given after the inauguration. The aim of this training is for everyone to understand the concept of a child-friendly library and share responsibility for cultivating children’s reading habits.

Principals, teachers, and librarian were attending the Library Management Workshop remotely

The library is ready in terms of its physical structure, and the training is also complete. Let’s check other preparations. We start with the school entrance. The arch and fence, built by the village head and local youth, are proudly standing and ready to welcome the Nagekeo Regent’s entourage. The garden around the library is green, thanks to the contributions of parents and children.

SDI Rata’s teachers and students were making a literacy tree in their school’s yard

Three trees in front of it are adorned with the titles “Literacy Tree,” “Numeracy Tree,” and “Dream Tree.” The Literacy Tree features positive behavior words, the Numeracy Tree has number decorations and types of numbers, and the Dream Tree has colorful small pieces of paper with various professions. In the middle, there are permanent seats built by the committee from the remaining toilet construction materials. So, children can sit and eat their snacks during break time while reading books borrowed from the library. They can also read and learn from the decorative paper hangings on the trees. These seats also serve as a literacy-friendly school environment. The atmosphere is going to be exciting!

As we walk through the field, a simple stage with a tent donated by the village head and plant decorations from the children is already standing. Behind the stage on the left, mothers as parents of students are ready to cook from 5 AM. Wow, everything is ready. Let’s confidently welcome Thursday, August 3, 2023.

“Collaboration is the key. We divided the team and also made an effort to make the most of this moment. Therefore, we also fixed the fence, arch, seating for reading, literacy, numeracy, and dream trees around the library environment. We did it by working together to transform the library and the physical school so that the inauguration runs smoothly,” explained Mrs. Bea, Head of SDI Rata School.

Nagekeo’s Regent with SDI Rata’s community and TBP staff during the library opening

On the inauguration day, Thursday, August 3, 2023, the Nagekeo Regent’s entourage, Mr. Johannes Don Bosco Do, arrived. The inauguration proceeded smoothly and joyfully. The children’s reading test in the library went very well, with many children already able to read. Nada, a fourth-grade student who served as the Master of Ceremony, also smoothly hosted the event. The Regent also had a casual discussion on education, watched the children’s performances, had lunch, and took photos with the kitchen team. The mothers were surely very happy. The joint socialization with teachers and parents also went well. Parents will help remind their children to return books, take care of books, and foster their children’s reading habits.

Congratulations to SDI Rata for becoming the 217th library! What a fascinating collaboration!