Capacity building for teachers is one of the main activities at Taman Bacaan Pelangi (Rainbow Reading Gardens – TBP). We believe teachers who are equipped with the needed skills and knowledge would be able to empower their students and be role models for them.

That’s why we at TBP continuously support teachers, not only at the beginning of our program but also all through until the end of the program. We conduct Support & Monitoring Visits as a way to support teachers and monitor their progress as well.

TBP’s team gives some feedback to the teachers of SDK Onekore 2 Santa Ursula, Ende, NTT.

We want to ensure that the teachers continue to learn new things and develop their skills. During the Support & Monitoring Visits, we observe teachers when they conduct reading activities with their students, be it online or offline. After the reading session, we conduct the so-called “Feedback Session”. This feedback session is crucial and serves as a space to learn from each other, listen, reflect, and find solutions.

TBP’s team gives some feedback to Mr. Laurens ( a teacher in SDI Onekore 3), Ende, NTT.

There are two main points that TBP’s team share with the teachers during the feedback sessions. First, TBP’s team presents what works well during the reading activity, the purpose of this activity is to highlight what teachers have done well, and also to appreciate their efforts.  Second, TPB’s team presents what could be improved from teachers’ performances. This would help teachers realize which parts or skills they could develop for the next reading activities, and become good reader’s better storytellers.

TBP’s team continuously provides this support for the teachers individually and as well as group until they master the skills and then pass them on to their students.